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Reservation Policy

Reservation Policy

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Upon availability & quotation a reservation has to be made


20% on booking, cleared funds 72 hours (3 days,excluding weekends) prior departure- Funds cleared in our Company Bank Account

Cancellation Fees:

-10% of total price if cancellation occurs in less than 36 hours prior departure
-50% of total price if cancellation occurs in less than 24hours prior departure
-100% no notice / no show

On refunds a bank charge applies-in case of cancellation (Bank charges a transfer fee),which will be noted on the transfer document.

It is advised wire transfer to be made 3 days prior to departure ,to allow funds be cleared(deposited) 48 hours prior to departure.

Cancellation-postponed flight due to weather

Operator has the right to delay, postpone a flight due to weather conditions on departure,destination airports,enroute,or airport or facilities conditions such that make the flight impossible.
A rescheduling of the flight will be done in closest to destination or time of convenience.

For all flights Departure Tax ,handling,parking charges are included,additionally on domestic flights only ,  VAT tax is included.

There may be limitation on carry on luggage on board.Please specify approximate size weight on your request.